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Canadian Environmental Drilling & Contractors Inc.

Safe, Reliable & Customer-Focused!

The CANEDC Story

Canadian Environmental Drilling is a family run business offering environmental and geotechnical drilling services for groundwater related investigations, throughout Ontario.

Since 2005, Canadian Environmental Drilling & Contractors Inc. has been a client-oriented company dedicated to the successful completion of its drilling and well installation projects. To achieve this, CEDC Inc. continually upgrades equipment and technology to provide reliable and cost-effective geotechnical/environmental drilling to key environmental engineering firms throughout Ontario. CEDC Inc.’s project managers and drillers are highly skilled, very motivated individuals all having been well trained in their field.

We are also members of the Ontario Ground Water Association and fully licensed well contractors and technicians with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).
CANEDC operates a broad range of well-maintained drilling equipment & support vehicles, with a brand NEW CME-55 LC Track Rig just added to our fleet, we now have 2 Truckmount, 2 track rigs, a Geoprobe 6620DT, as well as portable equipment to meet our customers drilling needs.

Featured Projects

CANEDC is your Safe & Reliable,
customer-focused drilling source!

Our Services & Equipment

  • Hollow stem augers 3 ¼” – 4 ¼” i.d.
  • Solid stem augers 4” – 8” o.d.
  • Spilt spoon sampling
  • Vane Shear test
  • Penetration Cone
  • Shelby Tubes 2’ – 27/8”
  • Bedrock coring HQ – NQ
  • Air rotary (tri–cone54) 37/8” – 5” o.d.
  • Air percussion (Down-The-Hole Hammer) 4” and 5”
  • Monitoring well, piezometer, and vapor probes installation
  • Well Abandonment
  • Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Asphalt and Concrete coring 1.5” – 10”
  • Mini-Ex, Back-hoe

Our Mission Statement

At CANEDC Inc. we are committed to giving our customers the best possible service, by providing them with high quality service, competitive pricing and well-trained drill crews.

Health & Safety is our number one priority and we strive to ensure that our employees and clients are safe at all times by keeping up with our training and preventative maintenance, while maintaining an open line of communication.