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Geoprobe 6620DT

A rubber track unit and is very versatile for its size and power capabilities.


This Rig is excellent for low clearance sites, with high performance.
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CME-55 Bomb Track

Great for remote sites, that are harder to access. Sturdy and reliable machine.

Truck Rigs

Great for Road Work and sites with good access. High torque and punch.

Geoprobe 6620DT

The Geoprobe 6620DT is a rubber track unit and is very versatile for its size and power capabilities.

Best suited for limited access sites interior/exterior, and less dense soils. This machine is used for both geotechnical and environmental investigations. Depending on soil conditions and the scope of the project, soil samples can be obtained using the direct push dual tube sampling system or with conventional split spoon methods. Solid stem and hollow stem augers are standard equipment travelling with this drill. In ideal soils, augering can be eliminated altogether by using the dual tube system, even for collecting SPTs for geotechnical investigations. This can increase the drilling production rate substantially, saving money in both drilling hours and cuttings management and/or disposal


Width= 5ft/1.5m
Folded Height= 7.42ft/2.3m
Unfolded Mast Height=12.75ft/3.9m
Torque (Auger)
Pulling power= 47,000lbs/21,319kg
Reliable GH60 Soil Probing Hammer
Rear stabilization outriggers
Kubota diesel engine
Regular PVC Wells via dual tube installation 1 ½” (2” diameter with minimal sand pack)
Wells via HSA installation: 2 inch or 4-inch wells depending on depths- max depth usually 30-40ft tops.


Width= 7’4”
Height=11’ 11”
Weight=18,000lbs. / 8527kg
Engine Cummins QSF 3.8L
Ground pressure unloaded 4.5 p.s.i.
Turning Radius in Place
Drive Train
Brake Drum on drive shaft
Suspension Triple Walking Beams
Drive Hydraulic motor/planetary wheel drives
Tracks 17.7” wide
Front Winch 15,000lbs (6,804kg)
Auger & rod racks standard
Leveling System Four Jacks, Inverted design with chrome-plated piston rods
Clutch 13 inch
Transmission 5 speed forward 1 reverse
Steering Remote Radio Controlled Guidance

CME- 55 LC

The CME-55LC mounted on the CME-300 remote controlled all rubber track carrier is the ultimate in enviro/Geotech drills! This Rig is excellent for low clearance sites, with high performance. The CME-55 LC has a Unique feed and retract system with a quick disconnect mast that allows you to work under service station canopies, bridges, or other over-head restrictions. The overall set-up height with the mast disconnected is only 12-foot 1 inch.

Its rugged carrier allows this machine to climb hills, traverse mud, sand, rocks, and snow… all while the operator is standing in one spot directing it with the remote. The CME-55 LC is perfect at most locations inside and out to accommodate your drilling needs.

Truck Rigs

We offer two Acker AD II rubber tire Truck Mount Rigs. (Both are International Trucks with Acker Drills).

Truck Rigs are great for Road Work and sites with good access. Both of our Acker drills pack plenty of punch, with high-torque for augering and high RPM for coring


5 Cylinder Diesel Engines
Auto Hammer & Cat Head (Auto Hammers weigh 140lbs and drop 30 inches)
2 Overhead Winches to increase productivity
Wire Line Winch for efficient HV Rock Coring and the latest casing advancing technology.
250 Gallon water tank Capacity
2 Large Auger Racks
Rig is equipped with 4 ¼” Hollow Stem Augers and 6” Solid Stem Augers
Also carried on the Rig:
⦁ Pen Cones
⦁ Vane Shears
⦁ 2” Split Spoons
⦁ Bean pump for high pressure injection
⦁ Moyno pump for pumping grout and mud


Width= 7.3ft | Length=12ft | Height=8’8” | Weight=17,000lbs/7711kg
Max Speed 14.6 mph
Ground pressure unloaded 1.46 p.s.i.
Turning Radius 12’
Drive Train
Brake Drum on drive shaft
Suspension Tandem arms mounted on rubber bushings for walking beam action
Drive Sprockets 4—rubber reinforced with fabric
Tracks 28” wide, rubber belts with steel grousers
Track Belts 3 per track, endless, rubber and fabric reinforced with steel cable
Wheels 16 (4 sets of dual wheels each side).
Frame Toboggan type, watertight
Differential Controlled type ratio 3.9 to 1
Transmission 4 speed forward 1 reverse
Steering Dual steering controls: Independent mechanical and hydraulic steering systems

CME- 55 Bomb Track

Our CME-55 Track rig is on bombardier tracks that are a combination of rubber and metal cleats. Making this machine great for remote sites, that are harder to access. This rig is very sturdy and reliable with lots of power to core, DTH, or auger your harder to reach sites.